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No other accommodations put you so close to so much.

Our guests are universal in their opinions: The best thing about staying with us is the proximity to so many great things to see and do.

While others may be content to stay an hour or more away from the park gate, our accommodations are inside the park and within a 30-minute drive to the many places you'll see in the next three pages!

First things first. Yosemite is a year-round vacation destination, so we're aware of numerous little-known special getaways we love to share with our guests. Remember too, the overwhelming majority of folks visit Yosemite between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Visit us in non-summer months to experience Yosemite's quiet time. The beauty never leaves and the snowscapes in the winter and spring months are awesome. This is Yosemite Falls from the valley floor.

We'll get back to winter (including skiing at Badger Pass), but let's progress with the calendar and show you the bursting of mother nature's finest, like these azaleas, which can only mean that spring has arrived.

Folks who love flowers or take closeup photos will appreciate the abundance of dogwood. There are many floral splendors to discover when you have accommodations inside the park!

Finally, school is out ... signaling the beginning of summer. Avoid sharks and seaweed, and take the kids to this beach in Yosemite Valley! Take the sunscreen, though ? summer means sun with daytime temperatures usually in the 80s.

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